YouTube has rolled out an update for its TikTok equivalent – YouTube Shorts. From now on Shorts creators can use billions of videos from YouTube’s library to create their own clips. Find the hottest news on the GBC Time website.

Previously, Shorts creators could only add short audio clips from other YouTube videos by using the remixing feature. Now, bloggers will be able to clip 1-5-second segments from the longer videos and other Shorts on the platform.

In the new Short, which features a clip from an existing video, the original source will be credited via a link.

With the latest YouTube Shorts update, creators gained access to billions of videos in the YouTube library. Users, however, can always refuse to provide their videos to Shorts creators. Private videos or content with copyright claims also can’t be used for remixing.

Obviously, YouTube rolled out this update to keep up with its competitor TikTok and its popular tools like Stitch. For creators, this provides an excellent opportunity to tap into new audiences and make their content viral. If your content starts a new trend, you can profit from this greatly.

The new remixing feature launches on iOS this week. The Android version will be rolled out later in 2022.

YouTube Shorts are also coming to desktop and tablet devices, as well as to mobile web. In the next few weeks, viewers will be able to find the Shorts section on the Home screen.

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