In the most recent news update, YouTube has announced a launch of Search Insights for all creators. It is a set of tools for keyword research interned to make the lives of content creators easier. YouTube has been testing the feature since November 2021. Search Insights will be available to all channels later this month. Find more trending news on the GBC Time website.

The Search Insights feature provides YouTubers with valuable information about searches their audience conducts on the site. The section also stores data on the search queries of the general YouTube audience, which is based on keywords. The “content gap” queries show which keywords didn’t return a high volume of matches. YouTube shares only up-to-date information about searches in the last twenty-eight days.

So, with this tool, you can know about the most common searches on the platform, improve your content strategy and even build a content plan targeting the most popular keywords.

To access the Search Insights section, you will need to open the “Analytics” > “Researсh” part of the desktop version of YouTube Studio.

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