Project Stardust, the excellent fan-made (and free) Star Wars VR game, is getting a huge update in November, adding a new mode and map to the game.

The Survival update, as the patch is called, will let players jump into the cockpit of an X-Wing and face off with hordes of enemy TIE Fighters. Check out the trailer for the project, developed by Dylan Stout, right here.


— Project Stardust (@XWingVR) September 3, 2020

Project Stardust was originally conceived as a student project for The University of Utah, exploring motion sickness in VR. It’s since grown into a bigger project, though, with a brilliant three-stage recreation of the climactic Death Star battle from A New Hope already in place. You start off in a dog fight with TIE Fighters before moving to the surface of the Death Star to take our guns and then, of course, tackle the iconic trench run for yourself. We tried the experience out for ourselves a little while back. You can see our gameplay below.

Of course, November is a month after the arrival of a certain other Star Wars VR game, Squadrons, which offers a more official brand of action, but we’re still excited to see how the update shapes up. You can already play with a controller or HOTAS, but Stout will also be adding virtual HOTAS support, which we’re eager to see in action.

Will you be checking out the Project Stardust Survival update? Let us know in the comments below!

Credit: Project Stardust Gets Survival Update Soon, Trailer Here