Avid poker and anime fans all across the globe are thrilled, as Homura Kawamoto – the creator of Kakeguiriu – Compulsive Gambler manga – has announced a new gambling-inspired project. The anime is called High Card and is based on the concept of the poker game. Find more exciting news about the world of poker on the GBC Time website.

Photo source: animenewsnetwork.com

Kawamoto and TMS Entertainment – the studio, which will be working on the anime series – have confirmed that the anime will come out in 2022. The creator will release a poker-inspired manga and a series of novels as well.

The anime’s plot revolves around the main character on a quest to find a 52-card deck. Each card can grant superpowers to the player.

Currently, it isn’t clear whether the series is based on a specific poker game or whether the author was just inspired by the concept of the game itself. The gambling anime, however, rarely focuses on an actual game.

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