Developer Aconite’s debut title, the hugely promising HoloVista, finally has a confirmed iOS release date of September 30th. I’ve been patiently awaiting its arrival since first hearing about it back in March, because, well, it looks quite unlike anything else on mobile.

It’s perhaps best described as a narrative-driven puzzler where you play as a junior architect tasked with photographing the interior of what has to be one of the most opulent settings in video game history.

Packed with secrets and eccentric details, HoloVista’s sprawling mansion is a place you’ll want to explore every inch of. With the help of your camera, you’ll be able to scour your surroundings and gradually uncover the mysteries of your elusive employers and the building itself – all while getting to know protagonist Carmen and the characters within her world via her social media.

Aconite has also launched an ARG adventure set within the HoloVista universe to celebrate the run-up to launch. It takes the form of a job application for the game’s Mesmer & Braid architecture firm, fit with a personality test.

I haven’t delved into it fully, though from what I’ve seen, it’s an intriguing tease of what to expect from the full release. Here’s a link.

HoloVista isn’t yet available for pre-order, but you should definitely keep an eye out for it when it launches onto the App Store come September 30th. More information can be found on its official site.

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Credit: HoloVista is one of 2020’s most promising mobile games, and it’s launching this month for iOS