The Isle of Man, or Mann, is a British Crown Dependency with an autonomous government and law. The island nation with a population of 84 thousand is known for its innovative and liberal gambling legislation and tax policies. Mann is also in the World Trade Organization and is whitelisted by the Organization for Economic Cooperation & Development and by the UK gambling authority. All these factors make online gambling in the Isle of Man an attractive industry for investing.

This article provides necessary information for the gambling ops and software studios that wish to enter the iGaming market of the Mann jurisdiction.

Gambling history in the Isle of Man

Unlike most of the European countries, The Isle of Man doesn’t have a long history of land-based gambling. The official history of games of chance began only in 1962, with the openning of the Gambling Control Commission (now renamed to Gambling Supervision Commission). Sportsbooks and lotteries were legalized in 1988.

The British Crown Dependency, however, was one of the first countries on the European continent to legislate online gambling. In 2001, the Online Gambling Regulation Act (OGRA) came out. This document is now one of the main gambling laws in the Isle of Man. The Commission issued the first iGaming license to Celton Manx in 2009.

The jurisdiction is also known for its data protection law, which was approved in 2002. In 2004, the European Commission recognized this legislation as excellent.

Mann was also one of the pioneers in the regulation of crypto gambling. Transactions in digital assets are legally permitted on the island since 2017. In 2019, the Isle of Man online gambling laws were updated, allowing casino software providers to apply for a crypto license. The local Gambling Commission has also issued the first-ever license for a crypto lottery.

Structure of gambling in the Isle of Man

The Isle of Man gambling market includes almost all forms of terrestrial and remote games of chance. Moreover, it is one of the few jurisdictions that legally allows cryptocurrency gambling.

Offline gambling

Mann has just one offline casino in the Palace Hotel, which is located in Douglas – the capital of the island. The establishment is a part of the Best Western and Hilton Hotel. The casino features around one hundred and sixty slot machines and seven table games. The hotel also has a bingo lounge, which can host up to three hundred people.

There are also numerous bingo and betting venues on the island. Read More