In the cryptocurrency vertical, Europe ranks far from first place globally. Even when 17% are active in crypto, the market is behind other markets by 23%. The global cryptocurrency platform Gemini has surveyed people from European countries to see the people’s views on this issue. Find more news on the GBC Time website.

Among the researched European countries are Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Norway, and the UK. 29 293 surveyed people in 20 countries have shared their experience in the crypto industry.

According to the report, 41% of crypto owners worldwide made their first trade in 2021. Considering the European owners, there is 40% who invested last year. The percentage of people interested in cryptocurrency is 58% in Ireland, 53% – in Germany, and 49% – in the UK.

Among the main reasons why some people don’t want to start trading, 35% of Europeans are worried about the security issue, and 33% do not know how to do it at all.

When 30% of people worldwide chat about cryptocurrency, European data is counted by 15%.

The report's main conclusion is that European citizens mostly don’t see crypto as the future in the financial sector.

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