A new location-based VR experience located in Amsterdam will let you race along the same routes as trials cyclist Danny MacAskill.

The experience was created by REWIND and Cut Media for the mountain bike brand Santa Cruz Bicycles, and is now available at the Ride Out bike store in Amsterdam. The store is set up with a unique bike rig that will let uses ride and pedal while wearing a VR headset, showing two unique VR journeys. The first is set along Collies Ledge on the Isle of Skye, Scotland, and the second is a “hair-raising balancing act” along the Landwasser Bridge, Switzerland.

However, the bike rig is actually set up to provide more than just a frame to pedal on — it will also give some haptic feedback and make slight positional adjustments to reflect the experience in VR. According to REWIND, the experience provides “real-time feedback of the terrain through the handlebars and via the pitch and roll of the customized platform.”

he experience was built using Unreal Engine and uses “a combination of headcam and drone footage from Cut Media’s smash hit film The Ridge, which was scanned as photogrammetry to create initial geometry, resulting in a never-before-seen VR encounter.”

“By tightly integrating the Santa Cruz bike with the motion platform in Unreal Engine, we’ve created an exhilarating, world-first VR mountain bike experience,” said Neil Evely, Head of New Business at REWIND. “It literally puts you in the saddle, letting you experience those routes first hand.”

Danny MacAskill’s VR Ride Out is available at the Ride Out bike store in Amsterdam now.

Credit: Danny MacAskill VR Cycling Experience Launches In Amsterdam